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Potatoes are full of energy and have a tasty starchy taste. It’s a favourite starch side dish for the cook of any household. But, you will eventually get bored of the same method so why not try something new and just as delicious?

Potatoes are by far the tastiest when they’re made into chips. Why? Not only do they get a crispy addictive taste but they are the easiest to make and eat. This would be the favourite for the family.

Baked potatoes take a little longer to cook but are worth the wait. You could also decide on different cuts for the potatoes. Wedges are the best because the outside will be crispy and full of flavour when spices are added, and the interior will be soft and hot.

You could also drop a couple of potatoes into your stews, curries and broths. The starch is also quite useful if you accidentally place a bit too much salt to the sauce. Because potatoes are bland they soak up any extra salt that is not needed.

Have you ever tried to make Daytona Beach Rat Removal? It’s a good thing they’re easy to make. Firstly, you have to boil potatoes in water until fully cooked and soft. Mash them and then mix the mash with eggs and flour. Once you have this step completed you can roll little balls of the dough mix over a fork and there’s your professional Gnocchi.

Mashed potato is a lovely side dish to get. The creamy goodness complements any major meal as it doesn’t have such a prominent taste. After boiling and mashing them, you will need to put the mash to a pot and add milk, nutmeg and salt.

Stuff them. You can put cheese, mushrooms, beans or anything you love inside a baked potato. It becomes an entire meal on its own because of all the other minerals and proteins used to make the dish.

Before eating or cooking with potatoes you have to remember to wash them properly. Because they contain as much starch, it may drastically change the flavour you planned for your dishes. Soak them in water once you peel them and it will get rid of any unwanted starch.

To prepare them for preparation you can distribute cooking oil over the base of the pan or baking tray you will be using. This helps prevent burning and sticking and, ultimately, scrubbing those pans.

Ways to cook potatoes

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